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 Training with the Bender ball relaxes tight knotted muscles easing the back pain. Your back is supported, freeing you up to focus on strengthening the weak muscles around your core. It allows you to engage more muscle fibers in targeted areas. The ball gives you workout options you would not otherwise have and increases the challenge of an excercise by allowing for a greater range of motion.




A study done at a California medical university and cited in Journal of Applied Research: in Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics, showed that muscle activity increased 4 times with the Bender ball compared to common floor crunches depending on the range of motion used; that's 408% more effective way to train your core! (Please refer to "The Bender Training Videos" under the NINOFIT bar on this site.)

Nino is a member of The Pilates Coach faculty and a Bender Method master trainer. 

During 1987-1990 played tennis and internationally competed for one of Georgia’s leading tennis clubs. Brings a wealth of experience from working in the fitness industry, with a wide range of clients/students, abroad as well as in the US, as a personal and fitness trainer for 2 decades.

Holds numerous certifications, including several from AFAA and world famous Kenneth Cooper Institute. (See below).

 Faculty Member - The Pilates Coach.

Bender Method Master Trainer.

BA-Western European languages and Literature, Tbilisi State University.

MA- Counseling, Dallas  Seminary.

Doctoral Training Courses in Philosophy and Ethics, University of Dallas.

Regular speaker and lecturer at a variety of venues and subjects including: Fitness, Counseling, Comparative Religions and Personal Development.


22 years


CPR;     AED

AFAA Primary;    AFAA Step

Johnny G Spinning

Personal Trainer/Fitness Specialist (Cooper Institute)

Providing Dietary Guidance (Cooper Institute)

Advanced Functional Training (SCW)

Pilates Small Apparatus (SCW)

Bender Method (the Pilates Coach Systems)

Strictly strength (Cooper Institute)

Slide Reebok

Resist-A-Ball training, Levels I, II, III.

Reebok Core board

Reebok Final cuts

Reebok flexible strength

Kickforce Kickboxing

Free Motion Training (Cooper Institute)

GTS Equipment

Real Rider


Aqua Training (deep and shallow water)

Balance/Stability/Core Training

Boot Camp/Sports/Interval Training

Circuit/ Strength Training

Hip Hop

Jump Rope Training

Double, Multiple and Circle Step

Pilates/ Yoga basics


Foam Roller

Bender Ball

Flexibility Training

New Fitness instructor training: theory and practical skills. (Trainer Tom Landry Center)


 Senior citizens

Arthritis patients

Fybromialgia patients

Obese students

Pre/Post natal students


 Equinox (Dallas)

Telos Performance Center

The Four Seasons Resort and Spa (Dallas, TX)

Baylor-Tom Landry Fitness Centre

Austin Gym (Dallas, TX)

Anatole – Verandah Club

Signature Athletic Club


 The Bender Method Master Trainer

 Dallas’ Workout for Hope (Resistance Training)

Reebok Product Promotional Conference (Hip Hop)                      

Co- educator: Tom Landry’s new instructor training program.



AAU Southwestern regional Champion                              

AAU National Champion                                                    

AAU International Championship, Silver medalist          



Currently - an elite personal trainer in Abu Dhabi

Kenneth Cooper Aerobic Center

Baylor- Tom Landry Fitness Center

Edgemere Centre

The Greenhouse Resort and Spa

Windham Anatole – The Verandah Club


 Master Classes (any of the aforementioned specialty training) *

Mother and baby classes

New or aspiring fitness instructor training; (theory and practice of fitness, any aforementioned format)

New techniques and choreography

Partner training

Creative use of equipment, music and lighting

One on one training (any of the aforementioned formats)

Competitive aerobics: choreography

 * Master classes can be 30 min to 2 hrs in length, based on the needs of your program.

 They may include a brief theory portion or consist of movement only, based on whether or not you choose to open them to your club members as well.

 BENDER BALL BLAST:   Instructors and members. (Theory and/or movement).

Equipment needed: a Bender ball, Resistance tubing, Gliding disks.

 An introduction to the safest method of resistance training for any population.*

SINGLE STEP:  Primarily for instructors; Equipment needed: steps.

 Industry’s current cueing and safety standards. Creative use of various platform approaches as well as those of “holding patterns” to keep your students from getting bored while you introduce a new combination or skill.

Skill options for smooth transitions; “tap-less” transitioning; split combinations and a variety of progression techniques + lots of interesting choreography.

 DOUBLE STEP: For instructors and members; Movement only. Equipment: 2 platforms each participant or 3 platforms for every two people.

 Can be taught in various configurations: Parallel platforms - vertical or horizontal; “L” shape; “V” shape. This can be a transitional class for graduating your participants into multiple platform classes:

MULTIPLE STEP and/or CIRCLE STEP: For instructors and, preferably advanced, students; Movement only. Equipment: 4 platforms per participant (3 of them will be shared); or platforms arranged in a circle.

These classes are ALWAYS crowd pleasers.J They create a true sense of group exercise training; a bonding experience of sorts and are very entertaining, challenging and fun!

CHOREOGRAPHY BREAK-DOWN: For instructors primarily. Equipment: Steps.

A hands-on workshop in learning principles and techniques for breaking down some the most complex skills “in a clean way”.  Each participant will contribute here.

 F.I.S.T. – Functional Integrated Strength Training: For instructors; Personal trainers; Members. Equipment used: Core boards (or steps, if no core boards available); Resistance tubing; Hand weights; Mats; Stability and medicine balls. All of the aforementioned equipment or some of it may be used in this class.

The class will discuss the necessity of integrating functional exercises into the one-on-one training and resistance class formats. Drills for assessing a specific training need for a particular group of clients. Lots of exercises and creative use of equipment.

STABILITY/CORE TRAINING: For instructors; Personal trainers and members. Equipment used: Stability balls; (medicine balls-optional); resistance tubing; mats; gliding discs.

This class is  full of a variety of isometric and isotonic exercise options for training the core musculature.  Learn simple modifications to add the challenge of balance for all of the major muscle groups.

HIP-HOP: For anyone who needs to lighten up or have a great, fun and a challenging cardio workout. Equipment needed: baggy clothing and plenty of attitude.J

STABILITY/BALANCE FOR SENIORS: For anyone working with senior population; senior members.  Equipment: Tubing; stability balls; mats; chairs (optional).

Some of the practical skills to help this population develop muscle strength and balance.

MOM AND BABE: For Mothers and infants. Equipment used: A babyJ; Mats; stability balls (optional) and chairs or steps. 

A class where moms won’t have to worry about a baby sitter. They can get a great resistance workout + an uninterrupted time with their baby.

PRE NATAL FLEX’n’TONE: For Moms in waiting: Equipment used: Resistance tubing; Mats; Stability balls. Medical clearance needed.

These exercises are designed with pregnant women in mind; to help them with their flexibility and in strengthening some of the muscle groups they will need when delivering their bundleJ.

This class will incorporate some of the principles of yoga and Pilates training.

JUMP ROPE BOOT CAMP: For Instructors and members: Equipment needed: jump ropes.

Rediscover one of the most entertaining; challenging and effective ways of cardio/muscular training that one can literally take with him anywhere. Participants will learn various techniques for selecting an appropriate jump rope and a set of skills for their specific athletic needs; Sport-specific exercises for athletes. Can be taught as an interval or a non-stop jump rope class.

A NON-STOP KICK BOXING CLASS: For instructors and advanced members. Equipment: Boxing gloves, shields, jump-ropes (optional).

This class combines all of the known techniques of kick-boxing training in a dynamic, continuous 50 minute progression of exercises with the break times allowed for hydration only. Very few manage to survive this oneJ.

The class may also be divided in two sections to allow time for drills.

CYCLE TRAINING: For Spinning/Cycling instructors and members.  Theory and practice or movement only.

Safety and postural guidelines; muscular symmetry and breathing as a means to an optimum workout; route design with appropriate music and visual cue selection; endurance and interval training; a variety of options to manipulate intensity. Also, the use of cycles as a versa training tool for other formats.

H2O: This class can be modified for specific populations: seniors; expecting mothers; arthritis/fibromialgia patients; average exerciser. The equipment, balloons, noodles, or water weights will be modified accordingly.

This class will offer a variety of resistance and interval drills for upper and lower body training + a variety of skills for flexibility.

Can also be taught as a Mommy-Baby class

* Contact nino for more information