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Bender Method Foundation

This course is the basis of all Bender Method Training programs.  It teaches the principles behind the theory of the Bender Method.  Basics of of postural analysis will be covered to help you understand and correct posture.  Learn how to use the all new Bender Ball and acquire a better understanding of deep core muscle activation.  Learn cutting edge core training exercises exclusive to the Bender Method of Training.  Great for all fitness professionals, personal trainers and mind-body instructors. 

We highly recommend that one first completes the Foundation Training prior to taking any of the specialized modules.

4 Hours


Bender Method Selective Stabilization™

This in-depth course gets to the root of selective core training.  The Bender Method of Selective Core Training includes a detailed look at the alignment of the spine, stabilization of the spinal column, and spinal mobility. This knowledge will allow you to focus on specific areas of the core. Using the Bender Ball, you will learn how to activate the deep core muscles. With the techniques of Selective Stabilization™ you will understand how to target and isolate a specific area of your core.

This course is designed for the personal trainer and/or fitness professional who is looking to create a more progressive program that can lead to greater client benefits.

4 Hours


Bender Method Strong Healthy Back

The Journal of Applied Research has recognized the Bender Method – Strong Healthy Back as one of the most effective ways of creating stronger postural muscles. Many people suffer from low back pain related to incorrect bio-mechanics. Often the low back issues increase due to inappropriate exercises that were supposed to help alleviate the pain. This program will teach you how to detect postural problems and muscle imbalances. You will learn specific exercises with the Bender Ball that address the postural issues of the spine and help promote better movement patterns. These training methods can easily be included in group fitness or personal training.

4 Hours


Bender Method Total Body Conditioning

This program will introduce you to the latest and most up-to-date applications of Bender Method exercises. The Bender Ball is used in conjunction with Gliding™ Discs and Tubing to target specific muscle groups resulting in a progressive and efficient workout. The unstable surface of the Bender Ball provides a balance challenge that
requires better muscle firing patterns and enhanced body bio-mechanics.  Personal trainers and group fitness instructors will walk away with a number of new and effective exercises that will add value to their training sessions and programs.

4 Hours 


Bender Method Lower Body Conditioning

This Bender Method course will teach you innovative methods to build muscle strength of the buttocks and thighs.  You will discover how to
recognize weak muscles that could potentially lead to poor posture and faulty gait patterns. Using the Bender Ball, you will learn exercises that develop the muscles surrounding the hip joints, which is crucial to a healthy back. You will gain an understanding of how improving the firing patterns of the deep gluteal muscles will result in a better walking pattern and greater stability of the sacrum. You will become skilled at how to introduce Lower Body Conditioning exercises to all clients of any fitness level in a safe and effective manner.

4 Hours